Pyrimid Ride

Increasing levels of effort

Heart Rate and Cadence for a Pyramid Spin Exercise

There are lots of variations of this exercise.  The primary goal is to increase your heart rate load in steps.  In this version, five exercises are repeated, each time, the duration of each exercise is reduced but at a higher level.  The graph above was recorded using a Garmin 305 Forerunner with a heart rate monitor and a cadence unit.  Click graph to display full screen.

Here we start with a seated heavy hill climb, followed by a standing run, a seated fast flat,  8 count jumps and then a standing hill  climb, the  first time through each exercise lasts 2 minutes, then a minute or two break/rest.  That goal at each level is to perform the specific exercise a the same level of effort.  By monitor your heart rate you can make adjustments.  In the next round each exercise is done for a minute and a half, but at a higher level of effort. Then a round where each exercise last one minute.  Then 30 seconds 15 seconds, at higher and higher level of effort.  The 15 second round should be at maximum effort lasting only a minute and 15 second.

Done correctly one gains a better feeling for level of effort for different spinning positions.  In addition to conditioning your heart for increasing levels of load.

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