Three Variations of the Triple Jump

“jumping” on a spin bike is a sure way to boost the heart rate was well as work coordination skills.  The normal jump up/down gets a little boring, here are three variation of a three position jump.

The first, a four count, three position jump starting with standing run hand positions two, then climb with hand position three, and then hover, hand position one and repeat until the end of the tune.  This is fast paced with the primary focus to increase the heart rate.  Tension/load should be heavy enough to stand.  Timing for this exercise should be early in the class to help warm things up,  The hand position changing adds a coordination and focus component to the exercise.

The second variation is an eight count version of the first, changing the third position to a seated climb, hand position one or two.  This exercise is a little slower pace, more for strength, the tension/load should be more than enough to stand on.  Timing for this exercise after everybody is warmed up.

The third variation uses visualization to keep things interesting.  The jest of the visualization is that you have been taking a break and realize that you have fall to the back of the peloton and now need to catchup.  The basic sequence is hard run “climb” hand position three, passing, then standing, hand position two looking around to see who you have passed and look for for your next goal. Then slip into a drafting position, seated, low profile to build your energy, adjust to level 6 right 1 or 2 clicks.  Then turn repeat, turning it up (2 or more clicks) to level 8 hard run “climb” position hands in position three. This is basically an attack, jumping up and pedaling hard.  Repeat until you are at the head of the peloton.

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