Repair tag for Spin Bikes

Repair Tag on Bike

Repair Tag on Spin bike

Regular spinners at a gym know that the bikes there get a good work-out every day.  This takes a toll on the bikes, some of the problems are just wear-and-tear, others due to poor adjustments.   Keeping the bikes in working order is difficult if nobody (Club/Gym Management) knows that there is a problem.   To solve this problem I have created a repair tag that can be “filled-out”  highlight the issues with the bike.   One the front of the tag is an illustration of  a spin bike, with instructions, there is also a place to check is the bike is unsafe to ride, for example a petal is about to fall off.  On the back of the tag is a place for the date, a comment, and a list of common aliments that bikes suffer.

Front of Repair Tag

Rapair Tag

Back of Repair Tab

I have included two pdf files that can be used to print these tags. I have printed them on a “card stock” matte photo paper 45lbs (Canon Matte Photo Paper Letter-size) front and back. Note when printing using Acrobat, no scaling and check centered/rotated. How printer/paper margins are handled my vary between printers. Last cut the page in half vertically and cut slice just above the bike handle bars halfway to allow the hanging of the tag like the “Do Not Disturb” tags in hotels.

Front page of repair tag
Back page of repair tag

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